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2013 Children's Choice

Children's Choices is a project of the International Reading Association and the Children's Book Council. Voted on by 10,000 school children from all over the United States, these books are their favorite newly published titles.


Call Number
E PARISH Herman Parish Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote
E ALEXANDER Claire Alexander Back to Front and Upside Down!
Edward Hemingway Bad Apple
E BLISS Harry Bliss Bailey at the Museum
E VERE Ed Vere Bedtime for Monsters
E KNUDSEN Michelle Knudsen Big Mean Mike
E WILLEMS Mo Willems Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
E JANNI Rebecca Janni Every Cowgirl Loves a Rodeo
E CATROW David Catrow Fly Flew In
E MACK Jeff Mack Frog and Fly: Six Slurpy Stories
E WILLEMS Mo Willems Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
E NORMAN Kim Norman I Know a Wee Piggy
E ROSENTHAL Eileen Rosenthal I’ll Save You Bobo!
on order Jacky Davis Ladybug Girl and Bingo
on order Jon Katz Lenore Finds a Friend
E KIRK Daniel Kirk Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure
E CARNESI Mônica Carnesi Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic
E DEWDNEY Anna Dewdney Llama Llama Time to Share
E EMBERLY Rebecca Emberley Mice on Ice
on order Eileen Spinelli Miss Fox’s Class Gets It Wrong
E DACOSTA Barbara DaCosta Nighttime Ninja
on order Katie Cleminson Otto the Book Bear
E LITWIN Eric Litwin Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
E LONG Ethan Long Pig Has a Plan
E VAIL Rachel Vail Piggy Bunny
E ROSENTHAL Amy Rosenthal Plant a Kiss
on order David Covel Rat and Roach: Friends to the End
E SCOTTON Rob Scotton Secret Agent Splat!
E KETTEMAN Helen Ketteman Señorita Gordita
on order Adam Stower Silly Doggy!
E SCHWARTZ Corey Schwartz Three Ninja Pigs
E FLORENCE Tyler Florence Tyler Makes Pancakes!


MIDDLE READERS (Grades 3 - 4)

Call Number Author Title
E CORDELL Matthew Cordell Another Brother
on order Nick Bruel Bad Kitty for President
J POLACCO Patricia Polacco Bully
Mary Kensington Dear Cinderella
on order Meish Goldish Dolphins in the Navy
Michael Sandler Freaky-Strange Buildings
Stian Hole Garmann’s Secret
Dawn Cusick Get the Scoop on Animal Poop!
J AGUIRRE Jorge Aguirre Giants Beware!
Stephen Person Great Dane: Gentle Giant.
Diane deGroat Homer
Albert Schafer Illusionology: The Secret Science of Magic
J MCDONALD Megan McDonald Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm
J 919 MUS National Geographic Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters, and Ridiculous Riddles
J 92 LINCOLN Maira Kalman Looking at Lincoln
on order Jeffrey Bennett Max Goes to the Moon
E MCCARTY Peter McCarty Monster Returns
Anita Ganeri My Pop-Up World Atlas
J 811.6 CUS Doug Cushman Pigmares: Porcine Poems of the Silver Screen
Steve Metzger Pluto Visits Earth!
National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz: 1,000 Super Fun, Mind-Bending, Totally Awesome Trivia Questions
Stephen Person Saving Animals After Tornadoes
Michael Sandler Stupendous Sports Stadiums
Larry Verstraete Surviving the Hindenburg
J SPINELLI Jerry Spinelli Third Grade Angels
Ann Malaspina Touch the Sky


Call Number Author Title
J 523.8 DEC Carolyn DeCristofano Black Hole Is Not a Hole
Kami Kinard Boy Project: Notes and Observations of Kara McAlliste
Zack Giallongo Broxo
Doug Tennapel Cardboard
Dinah Williams Dark Mansions
J RUSSELL Rachel Renée Russell Dork Diaries 4: Tales From a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess
J CLIFTON Lutricia Clifton Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
J STINE R.L. Stine Goosebumps: Wanted: The Haunted Mask
George O’Connor Hades: Lord of the Dead
Natalie Lunis Haunted Caves
J.H. Everett Haunted Histories: Creepy Castles, Dark Dungeons, and Powerful Palaces
J HEALEY Christopher Healy Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Shirin Yim Bridges Horrible Hauntings: An Augmented Reality Collection of Ghosts and Ghouls
J 811 GRA Cynthia Grady I Lay My Stitches Down: Poems of American Slavery
J HATKE Ben Hatke Legends of Zita the Spacegirl
J STEAD Rebecca Stead Liar & Spy
J BAKER Kim Baker Pickle: The (Formerly) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School
on order Chris Mould Pip and the Wood Witch Curse: A Spindlewood Tale
Julia Moberg Presidential Pets: The Weird, Wacky, Little, Big, Scary, Strange Animals That Have Lived in the White House
Lizzie K. Foley Remarkable
J CHILD Lauren Child Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes
Silas House Same Sun Here
J MORPURGO Michael Morpurgo Shadow
Matthew K.Manning Spider-Man: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero
Christopher Ford Stickman Odyssey, Book 2: The Wrath of Zozimos
Natalie Lunis Takedown of Osama bin Laden
Miriam Aronin Today’s Air Force Heroes
Rotterly Ghoulstone Undead Ed

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