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Geography, Government & History Links

America Rock
Lyrics to the Schoolhouse Rock History songs. (You can also see the clips at YouTube!)

America's Library
From the Library of Congress. Meet famous Americans, learn some little-known historical facts, and explore America's states.

Archiving Early America
Historical documents from early America, including the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Anne Frank
Read about one of the Holocaust's young victims and her famous diary.

Ben's Guide U.S. Government
Join Ben Franklin for information, activities and more on U.S. government.

Castles on the Web
Links to information and activities on castles.

Children's Express
From the United Kingdom... Pulitzer Prize-nominated, Emmy Award-winning international youth news service produced by kids and teens 8-18 for adult print, radio, TV and online media. Stories cover serious issues such as youth violence, homelessness, politics, teen pregnancy and race relations.

CIA's World Factbook
From the CIA. Great information on countries around the world.

Colonial Hall
Learn about the founding fathers. Includes biographies on the signers of the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, and the Declaration of Independence.

Constitution Finder
Constitutions from around the world.

Country Information
From InfoPlease. Click on a country and get lots of information.

Country Reports.org
Lots of information on countries around the world. Includes maps, flags, songs, and more.

Links to the home pages of all the embassies in Washington, D.C.

Embassy Worldwide
Links to the home pages of embassies around the world.

Flags of the United States
Pictures and history of historical and state flags.

Flags of the World
Pictures and information on the flags of the world.

Fort Phantom Hill Lake
Learn about the rich history of Lake Fort Phantom Hill. Includes calendar of events.

Genealogy for Kids
Learn how to trace your personal family history.

Handbook of Texas
Information on Texas.

History Channel
Searchable site with lots of great history!

Justice Department
Lots of information on the legal system, crime prevention, civil rights, and the FBI.

Lincoln Online
Tour Abraham Lincoln's home, read his speeches, and learn about his life.

Small collection of continent and hemisphere outline maps.

Mummies of Ancient Egypt
Find out all about Egyptian mummies.

Presidential Portraits
From the National Portrait Gallery. Portraits of the presidents as well as short biography on each.

From the Internet Public Library. Information on presidents.

State Information
State profiles.

State Quarters
Learn about the 50 State Quarters.

States and Capitals
Information on the 50 states. (good pictures)

Titanic Encyclopedia
Lots of information on the Titanic, including deck plans and passenger lists.

Today in history
Find out what happened on this date in history.

US Mint
Have fun and learn about the money used in the United States. Games, activities, and information.

Vote Smart
Great information on the US government and how it works.


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