Book Lists for Kids!

2012-2013 Mockingbird List

The Mockingbird Program is a Children's Choice Award program for Abilene kids in grades K-2. For more information on the Mockingbird Award, to HERE.

Call Number


E GRAY Gray Ant and Grasshopper
J 530.4 WEA Weakland Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop
E DIPUCCHIO DiPucchio Crafty Chloe
E MELLING Melling Don't Worry Douglas!
E KITTINGER Kittinger The House of Dirty-Third Street
E PEARSON Pearson How to Teach a Slug to Read
E KLASSEN Klassen I Want My Hat Back
J 599.22 LAW Lawrence A Kangaroo's Life
J 595.7 LUN Lunis Katydids: Leaf Look-alikes
E MCDONNELL McDonnell Me - Jane
E BOTTNER Bottner Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don't)


E SOLTIS Soltis Nothing Like a Puffin
E HALL Hall Perfect Square
E EMMETT Emmett The Princess and the Pig
E SAYRE Sayre Rah, Rah, Radishes!: a Vegetable Chant
E KETTEMAN Ketteman Senorita Gordita
E FROST Frost Step Gently Out
J 811 SID Sidman Swirl By Swirl: Sprials in Nature
E WARDLAW Wardlaw Won-Ton: a Cat Tale Told in Haiku


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