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Religion & Mythology Links


Amish and Mennonite
Information, recipes, games and more on the Amish. (9-99)

Catholic Saints and Angels
Read about saints and angels. (9-99)

Church Kids
Christian based site with illustrated Bible stories and coloring pages. (Make sure you ask your parents if it is o.k. to print!) (9-99)

Jewish children's Learning Netsork
Links of interest for Jewish children and those interested in the Jewish religion. (3-02)

Christian based site for fans of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber! (9-99)


Constellation Myths
Lists the constellations and the myths that go with them. (9-99)

Encyclopedia Mythica
European mythology. (3-02)

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology
Alphabetical listing of Greek gods and goddesses along with pictures and brief descriptions. (9-99)


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