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Science & Technology Links

Astro for Kids
From Astronomy Magazine. Fun and information on outer space.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Each day a new picture from the universe along with a short explanation by a professional astronomer.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Fun and easy experiments from everyone's favorite science guy.

Explore different cave formations in this virtual cavern. Great photos!

Chemistry for Kids
Fun learning site. Learn about matter, atoms, elements and more.

Convert Anything
Convert a measurement. From volume to Roman Numerals, this site will tell you what is equal to what!

Cool Math
Play games and explore now concepts while sharpening your math skills.

Discovery Online
Explore the world with the Discovery Channel.

Exploratorium Science
Lots of fascinating experiments. Easy-to-follow instructions and hints.

Learn about natural disasters and how to prepare for them.

Food Timeline
Ever wondered what the Vikings ate or when potato chips were invented? This fun timeline answers all you questions about food. Lots of fun links!

Food Pyramid
A kid's guide to healthy eating. Learn some interesting facts, play some games, and get the inside scoop on healthy foods.

Fun and interesting science experiments.

Great Idea Finder
"The greatest moments in the history of innovation" - time chart, photographs, quotations, and more.

How Stuff Works
If you've ever wondered how things work, this is the site for you!

Health information for kids (and grownups, too.)

Step-by-step identification of leaves.

Mineral Gallery
Great pictures and descriptions of rocks and minerals.

Multiplication Rock
Sing along with Zero, my Hero and other favorites from Schoolhouse Rock

NASA Kid's
Great site from NASA. Information, activities, coloring pages, and more.

Science Fair Ideas
Ideas for Science Fair projects.

Science Gems
Links to lots of great science sites.

Science Rock
Sing along with Electricity, Electricity and other favorites from Schoolhouse Rock.

Sea Shells
Great site for identifying your treasures from the sea.

Size of the Universe
How big is the Universe? This interactive site lets you zoom in and out to see the sizes of everything from the tiniest molecule to the entire universe.

Space Kids
Activities, games, and information about the solar system.

Space Place
Games, activities, recipes, and crafts dealing with space.

Solar System
Great pictures of the solar system along with lots of information.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Kids' Page
Color a picture, go on a nature hike, and learn about Texas wildlife.

Volcano World
Your door to everything volcano-related.

Identify weeds and grasses.

Beautiful color photographs of wildflowers along with information and growing tips.

Women Mathematicians
Brief biographies of women who have contributed to the field of mathematics.


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