Young Audiences

Young Audiences

Abilene Public Library

Young Audience performances are sponsored
by Abilene Public Library Young Audiences of Abilene.
The programs are approximately 45 minutes long and are geared for school-age children (7-up) unless otherwise noted.
Unless otherwise noted, younger children are asked to attend the storytime in the children's storyroom.
All performances will be in the library auditorium.
Please note that strollers are NOT allowed in the auditorium during these performances.

Young Audience PerformerFly Dance Company
The Healthy Hip Hop Show

June 4 - 10:45 & 3:00
FLY is an all-male contemporary dance company from Houston consisting of four talented young men .The company is known for its high-energy performances with clever staging to a variety of music including classical, jazz, pop, hip hop, experimental, drumming, and live sound effects. FLY crosses street dance with classical choreographic principles. FLY’s concerts are clean-cut, wholesome artistry designed to cross all audience boundaries young and old, men and women, with pieces combining styles and cultures to reflect contemporary Americana.

Young Audience PerformeNancy Burks Worcester
Join The Club
June 18 - 10:45 & 3:00
This very talented ventriloquist and puppeteer is from Granbury, TX., and she is dedicated to making a positive difference in peoples' lives through laughter, learning and love! ! In this show Lili, Waco, Larry and Charlotte each want to be the president of the new club and all have different ideas for the club. Along the way we learn about cooperation, different abilities and interests. Come join Nancy and friends on their exciting adventure and see how this show takes an unexpected turn!

<Young Audience PerformeGary Varner & Mixed Nuts
Tales From The Story Trunk

July 2 - 10:45 & 3:00
Wave you ever heard of Jim and the Beanstalk? What about the Three Little Elephants? Those are just two of the tales found inside of the story trunk of Mixed Nuts. Wherever you go, you carry with you an invisible trunk. You have had it since the day you were born. You put everything in this trunk—feelings, impressions, ideas, songs, people, dreams and even your fears. Everything you come into contact with goes into it. . Join Mixed Nuts and discover what other fascinating tales are stored inside this story trunk!

Young Audience PerformeStorybook Theatre
Goldifox & The Two Hares

July 16 - 10:45 & 3:00
The countryside won’t be quite the same when Goldifox moves in.  She loves to spy on her neighbors and she is very curious about the surprise Ma has left for Hee and Haw. Come out and see if Goldifox learns a lesson and see whether the Hares gain a new friend. Learn about what foods make a well balanced meal, and why that is important. This story incorporates nutrition facts, friendship, familiar sayings and a twist on nursery rhymes. This highly interactive show is sure to please!

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