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Cyburbia (formerly called PAIRC - The Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center) is ..."the Internet's oldest portal site for urban planners and others interested in cities and the built environment, contains a selective directory of Internet resources relevant to planning and urbanism. Cyburbia also includes information about mailing lists and newsgroups, and it hosts a very active bulletin board."


Builder Online

Civil Defense: You Duck and I'll Cover
This web site is part of the Trinity Atomic Home Page. The site's creator, Gregory Walker, has provided Adobe Acrobat versions of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plans for various bomb shelters.

FEMA: Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House
This publication is part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's site. As its title indicates, it contains instructions on how to plan and build a safe room to protect you from storms. This booklet was produced in conjunction with the folks at Texas Tech's Wind Engineering Research Center. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin to view the information they provide, although they do provide a toll-free phone number to order the booklet.

Home Maintenance and Repair
A site created by the Michigan State University Extension Dept. Contains commercial-free, fulltext information on many aspects of home repair and maintenance -- from cleaning lamp shades to repairing wall electrical outlets.

The Natural Handyman
The Natural Handyman is a professional handyman in a small New England town. In his own words, the NH site exists "To help the average person be more confident in dealing with everyday repairs, adjustments, and installations at home, at work, or wherever" and "To aid all of you knowledgeable, experienced people ... both professional folks and the 'weekend warriors.'" He has home repair articles, a newsletter, and links to other Internet resources. The ads do tend to get in the way, but the information is worth it.

As its subtitle indicates, this page is "The Plumbing Page for Plumbers and DIYS'rs." It includes a detailed history of plumbing, links to print articles on plumbing, a link to the Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, a Plumbing Care & Repair Handbook (your first stop when the tap leaks), among many other links. Even if your tap isn't leaking right now, you'll still want to stop by to read articles like "The Men That Made the Water Closet."


Better Homes and Gardens
Check out the House and Home link for some great ideas.


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