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CMP TechWeb
Technology news site.

Wired News

The main page of the Ziff Davis organization, this page is a great starting point for those who want to read about the world of computers and technology in general. Includes links to Ziff Davis magazines such as FamilyPC, PC Magazine, Macworld, ComputerShopper, and others. Also has reviews of hardware and software and technology news and tips.


Dr. Dobb's The World of Software Development
This website provides provides articles, news, blogs, source code etc. all on the subject of web development.

Javascript Kit
Javascript Kit has free tutorials including Javascript and DHTML.  Also available here are references, applets, coding forums and some freeware.

PERL.org: The PERL Developer Update

Web Developer's Virtual Library



4Tests.com - "Your Free, Online Practice Test Site"

This site features exams including MCSE, MCSD, Sun Java, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Visual Studio, Office, A+, etc...

ADA Information Clearinghouse
"Ada is a high level programming language designed to support the construction of long-lived, highly reliable software systems.  For over a decade, the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) has provided information and resources on Ada to the user community in order to maximize the language's efficiency, cost effectiveness, and productivity.  The AdaIC is supported by the Ada Resource Association (ARA) and its member companies."

Find Wi-Fi Hotspots

Commercial site with great search engine for Wi-Fi spots anywhere in the world.

Internet Scambusters

Good for high-tech company information.

Visual Basic Web Directory
A very well organized set of links to Visual Basic news, tips, tutorials, and Web sites.

ZDNet Software Library and Reviews



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