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Updated 2/27/15



Asia Society
The Asia Society is an international organization dedicated to strengthening relationships and deepening understanding among the peoples of Asia and the United States.


La Mano Amiga

La mano amiga is a monthly publication to help Latinos new to the U.S.A.  It is written at medium literacy levels for Latinos of any ethnic and cultural background.  Each issue is chock full of pertinent articles on a range of topics as well as Spanish-language help-line numbers and website links where your clients can find further information on their own.


Native American Resources
Courtesy of The Digital Librarian, this page offers a wealth of links to Native resources. What this site lacks in organization (it is only alphabetized), it makes up in size and links offered. If you have the time to browse, it's worth a look.

Native Web
"A collective project of many people.  [Includes] NativeWeb Relief Center (listing organizations providing direct relief efforts to native and indigenous peoples); Resource Center (an extensive listing of resources for Indigenous people around the world); Music Center (hundreds of Books, Cassettes and CD's categorized and linked to; Community Center (white pages, jobs, events and more); Abya Yala Net (information on Indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central, and South America); NativeTech (dedicated to disconnecting the term "Primitive" from perceptions of Native American technology and art).



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