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Updated 4/18/15


Various links from The Librarian's Index to Internet.

Encyclopedia Mythica
This "encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend" offers short descriptions of mythical characters from a wide range of traditions. Includes some genealogical tables and comparisons between mythologies. Not recommended for in-depth research, but good for identification.


Bulfinch's Mythology
The classic work offered online. Bulfinch's tells the stories of Greco-Roman gods, goddesses, and heroes.

Greek Mythology
Online texts, information, links and more on the classic Greek myths.

Greek Mythology Link
Information about divinities, myths, and events.


All-in-one Biblical Resources Search
Find Bible translations and versions, information on ancient Biblical world, discussion lists, and Biblical resources. Easy search screen.

Bible Gateway
Search for passages and words from various versions and translations (language) of the Bible. Courtesy of The Gospel Communications Network.

New Advent Catholic Website
Almost 8000 articles from The Catholic Encyclopedia, ancient Christian writings, and questions and answers about the religion.

Patron Saints Index
Information and profiles on over 2500 patron saints. From the Catholic Community Forum.


Judaism and Jewish Resources
"There are many service providers on the Internet who offer a wealth of Jewish resources. The problem is that most of these organizations are concentrating on their own services, so they don't attend to the task of coordinating all the Jewish information across the Internet. Since this seemed like a small but useful task, I decided to do it myself."

Ohr Somayach Interactive
This page offers a lot of information about Judaism, but the best one is Ask the Rabbi. The site provides answers to the why do they?- and what does it mean?- and what's the background of this?- questions.


Islam 101
"Islam-101 is an educational site on Islam, its civilization and culture. It includes an introductory course on Islam and presents Islamic views on contemporary issues. The between Islam and other religions."


Basics of Taoism
A great starting place for Taoism on the Web. This site offers annotated links to different pages that range from Taoism specific sites to more general Chinese philosophy pages. Included are sections on Sun-tzu, Chinese alchemy, Feng-shui, and more.


Sikhism Home Page
A great place to go for background information on Sikhism, including biographies, history and origins, philosophy and scriptures, and much more.


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