• A permit is required to locate a mobile home within the City of Abilene. Cost of this permit is a standard $100.00 fee. State law requires that a licensed person transport and install mobile homes.

  • (Must be performed by licensed plumber)

    Sewer Tie-In

    • Shall be a minimum 3" line with a minimum 3" trap
    • Shall have a minimum 3" two-way cleanout downstream of trap
    • Connection to trap shall be air tight and made by mechanical means
    • Cleanout and trap shall be no more than 4' from the mobile home **
    • If the drain line from the mobile home to the trap is exposed above grade, it shall be protected from sunlight and physical damage

    ** Trap and cleanout may be under mobile home, only if there is a minimum 18" vertical and 30" horizontal clearance

    Water Connection

    • Riser shall not be less than 3/4" nominal size
    • Shall have an accessible shut-off valve within 4' of the mobile home.
    • Connection may be made with PV, copper, galvanized steel, polybutylene, cross linked polyethylene, or any material listed in the appropriate table of the current International Plumbing Code adopted by the city.
    • Above grade connecting line from valve to mobile home hook-up shall be insulated

    Gas Connection

    • Gas piping shall be rigid black pipe, and shall be the same size (or not less than) the mobile home inlet.
    • No gas lines shall be buried under mobile home
    • Each mobile home equipped for gas shall have a gas valve and insulated union upstream of said valve.
    • The riser shall be located so that the horizontal piping from the riser to the mobile home does not exceed 4'
    • All gas piping shall be tested by one of the following:
      • Diaphragm gauge pressured up to a minimum 10psi
      • Mercury gauge pressured up to a minimum 6"
    • Gauges must comply with all requirements of the International Fuel Gas Code.
  • Power Supply

    • Shall be permanent installation, or of cord assembly type
    • Cord assembly type shall consist of not more than 50 amperes, factory molded cord cap. Length of such assembly shall not exceed 36.5' in total length, nor should be shorter than 21'. Cord assembly must be marked "for use with mobile homes-50 Amperes", "for use with mobile home-40 Amperes".

    Underground Installation
    (Requires a separate electrical permit and work to be done by licensed electrician)

    Meter Loop
    Point of attachment from utility company shall be a minimum of 10' above finish grade

    Shall be a minimum of 100 amperes and weather-proof enclosures Underground

    Wires or cables shall be protected by metallic conduit where exposed to physical damage

    Underground installation shall be a minimum of 18" deep

    Wire Sizes
    Minimum fused service shall be 100 amperes, three each #4THHN/THWN with one #8 SWG for ground to service the mobile home facility. an 8' ground rod must be driven and bonded to service disconnect, meter base, and mobile home with continuous continuity

    • All dwellings must be equipped with a means of permanent heat
    • Gas heat must be vented
    • Condensing unit shall be set and connected if mobile home is wired with electrical wiring penetrating the exterior wall and provided with a disconnect.

    Air conditioning may be installed at the same time the mobile home is installed, under Article Section 8861, Sec. 6(f), by the manufacturer, retailer, or installer without a State of Texas Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor's license.

    • Address posted and visible from the street

      Setback requirements:
      Subdivision: min 7'6" each side; min. 15' front and rear
      Parks: min. 3' on one side total 15' combined sides; min 15' front and rear

    • Subdivisions: Driveway with off-street parking required for minimum of two vehicles
  • Gas and electrical service will be made available once final mobile home inspection has been approved.

    *The following items should also be completed, prior to calling for final mobile home inspection:

    • All tie downs are installed. If in flood zone, foundation must be complete and must have all required inspections.
    • Appropriate setbacks are met.
    • Address, legible from streets, is posted
    • Gas is hooked up and gas check gauge is holding.
    • Water and sewer are connected.
    • Electrical is plugged in, or appropriate permit and inspections have been secured for hard wired units.
    • A/C is properly wired in.
    • If in flood zone, elevation certificate must be on file at City Hall.
    • If in subdivisions, driveway with off-street parking for minimum of two vehicles.
    • Final inspection will be made by either the Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector or the Electrical Inspector, whoever is scheduled last.